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NPR’s Jazz Profiles

In jazz’s early years, female instrumentalists usually formed all women jazz bands or played in family based groups.

Trumpeter Dolly Jones, later known as Dolly Hutchinson, was one of the earliest jazz women to record. Valaida Snow, adidas obuv cislovanie once known as “the Queen of the Trumpet” was another female pioneer of the trumpet and her playing was was often compared to that of the great Louis Armstrong.

During the later years of World War II, when many male jazz musicians had been drafted into the military, a number of all women jazz bands began to become popular. These bands were racially segregated at first, mainly due to the division in their audiences white Americans were mostly listening to Ina Rae Hutton and her Melodears, adidas originals while blacks were digging the sounds of The Darlings of Rhythm and the Prairie View Co Eds. The International Sweethearts of Rhythm was the best known of the all women jazz bands.

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